Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas recap

This Christmas was packed with much food, so little time to fit it all in. All week we have had a crackling fire glowing away in the background of all of our activities.

We opened an early gift of rum my parents picked up from Barbados (as they don't export this type & it was engraved as a gift)...


 ...before making some festive Christmas tree cookies...lots and lots of cookies...


...followed by a taste testing of champagne.

We settled in for a movie before Christmas eve dinner of steak au poivre and lots of Alaskan King crab legs (my favorite food in the wholeeee world).

Christmas morning we skipped down the stairs to our full tree, and opened our presents while the paparazzi followed Erin.

Christmas dinner fell in my hands as everyone watched sports on TV (no thanks). I made a Christmas turkey stuffed with butter and herbs to retain the moisture, ham, green beans with toasted pine nuts and shallots, cornbread stuffing & scalloped potatoes served with the necessary crescent rolls, olives, cranberry sauce & meim's gravy.

After a huge Christmas dinner we took a break, watching a Christmas movie by the fire before....chocolate souffl├ęs for dessert of course! I added a touch of salt and a pinch of cream of tartar to the recipe for some extra depth & topped them with Toscanini's french vanilla ice cream.

The day after I'm still recovering from all of the food...but definitely looking forward to some leftover "Thanksgiving" sandwiches for dinner!!
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  1. really solid recap, made me wanna celebrate christmas all over again!