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Toscano is located in Beacon Hill, a skip & a hop from the Commons. I had been once before, without even realizing they would be the highest rated T-restaurant in the Boston area. With a large menu filled with plates of all sizes, Toscano delivers a great amount of quality food for the low prices.

You enter the long hallway and are greeted with a full bar of happy people, walk through the dining room past the floor to ceiling wooden sliding doors to your table. Each table seats four, creating a master dining effect if only eating with one other guest!

We spread our belongings out, ordered our peach billinis, and settled into our large squishy chairs to wait for our orders to arrive. As we were waiting, we noticed we were yet again the youngest patrons by another 25 years. The bar area appeared younger, but apparently no one was hungry at the early hour we decided to dine!

I went with the Funghi di Bosco, a thin crust pizza with wild mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, thyme, tomato & olive oil. It is listed near the appetizers, so I think the point may be to share, but I'm all set keeping it for myself! The massive pizza shown below is a mere $14, and is enough for a large dinner, or leftovers for lunch.


My date chose the Tagliatelle Gamberi, tagliatelle in a white wine sauce with chopped shrimp, tomato, and red chili. She reported this was delicious, as she also had no problem finishing the dish!

Despite the tasty dishes and super affordable prices, the only negative that I have now experienced twice is the fact that the waitstaff all awkward congregate outside of the kitchen hallway, right in the front of the dining room to talk and watch the diners. This may be due to the early time slot I may eat sometimes, but it always manages to make me as well as my dates uncomfortable. Other than this small ambiance glitch, I always manage to have a nice meal and not feel ripped off as I could in other restaurants in the area.

Toscano is opening a second location in Harvard Square which is slated to open in the winter of 2013. Something to look forward to!  

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