Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tw food

I have no idea how I had never heard of T.W. Food before a few weeks ago...with a Zagat score of 28/30, and a new restaurant opening in Porter in the upcoming weeks by the owners, I knew I had to check it out.

Located near Alewife Station in Huron Village, and also reachable by bus, T.W. Food uses French techniques for regional & seasonal food that is presented in a simple manner in an unpretentious setting.


With an ever-changing menu T.W. Food offers a prix fixe menu Sunday-Thursday, a Grand Tasting menu on every night but Tuesday, a wine series on Tuesdays, and a Jazz Brunch on Sundays (to which we will be going for a Christmas jazz brunch in a few weeks!).

I started with the creamy scrambled farm egg with maitake mushroom & butter crumbs. Surprisingly presented in a martini glass, this was a mind-blowing dish that I am still thinking about days later. The texture was unexpected, not like a scrambled egg, but not like a mousse, a pleasant texture with an amazing punch of flavor. I could honestly eat this for breakfast every single morning and wake up in a good mood looking forward to it. I have absolutely no idea how this amazing dish was created or thought of, but I am very thankful!

T went with the crème brûlée foie gras which was also surprising with a creamy and crispy texture that played well with the apples along with the tasty & flavorful bread. 

For main dishes I went with the trottole curry pasta with chanterelle and cauliflower mushrooms, leeks & boucheron cheese. A big piece of my heart belongs to curry, so I had to get this. As I continued with the dish, the flavors began to show themselves, and unfortunately I had finished the whole dish before being able to put my finger on each one...I guess I'll have to try it again!

T went with the miso-cured hake with delicata squash, pearl barley, shiitake mushroom, in a lemongrass broth. He reports this was a nice light dish with another range of flavors. 

Unfortunately for us, after a couple of glasses of delicious wine and our meals thus far, we were much too full to order dessert. I'll have to get the T.W. chocolate sundae with hazelnut praline, vanilla ice cream, valrhona chocolate ganache & whipped cream...next time. Something to look forward to!
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  1. T.W. Food has been on my list for months - now I'm definitely going to go try it!