Saturday, December 29, 2012

the beehive

The beehive is a neat little spot in the South End, serving up moderately-priced fare in a sexy dimly-lit area coated in velvet and damask with live jazz pumping away on a daily basis. On weekend nights, be sure to get there early, as there is always a looong line out the door for entrance.

We headed in from the windy & chilly wet night and were greeted with a not-too-crowded festively-lit seating area so we could order nibbles as well as delicious drinks. 

The ladies began with Queen Bees: vodka, super fresh grapefruit juice, St. Germaine, and a splash of champagne...

While the gents went with the Beehive honey brew served in these cute little honeycomb/root beer barrel mugs!

As we sipped our drinks & nibbled on our calamari, poutine, bluefish dip which was like a pâté , and burger, the band began to play down below.

Downstairs is definitely where to go if you are looking for the live music with a livelier crowd. With more chandeliers and even less windows, the basement is perfect for a night out.

The beehive is one of the few places in the city that always promises a successful night. With tasty, but strong, cocktails in a laid-back mood-lit space, the lines are worth the wait.

1. South-end-boston website
2. The Beehive website 

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