Thursday, November 29, 2012

casa b

I found myself in Union Square again this week, and I brought along my friends Jen & Rona for some tasty Latin-American tapas. Casa B is the culinary creation of architects Alberto Cabré, from Puerto Rico, and Angelina Jockovich from Colombia. Architects turned caterers turned restauranteurs...the combination somehow works. The clean but warm environment is separated with completely different feelings upstairs and down. Upstairs is white, clean, calm, quiet...downstairs has the open-kitchen, the quaint bar area, and the green wall. Yeah, you bet we went downstairs.

We walked down the white stairs, past the spoons, past the kitchen, and sat in front of the green wall, surrounded by wine bottles and bubble lights.

We dove right in with our mini silverware....questioning if we would actually use these (we did) while we looked over the extensive drink list, a whole packet of drinks!

Next was deciding on the long and descriptive food menu, filled with tapas, pinchos, veggie options, and specials. After agreeing on sharing handful(s) of food, we ordered & snacked on plantain chips with asparagus dip. 


First were the crispy avocado rolls with a prune & cilantro sauce...

Followed by my favorite dish of the night, the organic vegetarian-fed beef tenderloin with sautéed onions, crispy shallots + grandma’s ketchup. Two bites...and tastes like a whole tenderloin dinner exploded in your mouth...aaaamazing. I will go back, just for multiple orders of this dish.


Next we snacked on the yucca fries, Spanish paprika sauce + fresh parsley. The Spanish paprika sauce had such an intense smoky almost-spicy flavor.

While enjoying our fries, we couldn't help but notice the sweetheart couch-chairs...still undecided how I feel about these...

Our next course was the yucca stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon with a cilantro ginger dipping sauce: my second favorite...but I do love bacon.

The Puerto Rican pot roast, yucca gnocchi on a sage brown butter sauce was next...

...and then the massive special of deconstructed seafood stew with calamari, scallops, and prawns. Tasty...but quite difficult to each, especially difficult to share.

Our final course was the stuffed fried oysters with sweet plantain corn relish & a red pepper aioli sauce, served on a bed of sea salt.


We were too stuffed to even look at a dessert menu, so we used this super neat little gadget where we could rate our courses, calculate our own bill and how to split it, and even add the tip & swipe our own cards before signing with our fingers and being all set! 

If you like to share, and you like ordering a bunch of food, you will definitely be a fan. If you go, please order the beef tenderloin as you will not regret it!

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