Sunday, November 4, 2012

simple weekend recap: edition 13

For Halloween I made mini crab cakes with homemade
 tartar sauce, mini mac n cheeses, and mini smore's...
all while dressed as Moose (who's who?!).


Saturday was my birthday (!) so I was
 greeted with flowers from T...

as well as a delivery of flowers by my favorite florist,
 Bow Street Flowers, from my parents!



Birthday night dinner was at my favorite
 restaurant, o ya (write-up tomorrow)...


...before heading home to finish the celebrations with a bottle of 
sparkling wine by the fire (in my annual birthday glass).


(Here's a glimpse of last year's birthday 
glass the same spot!)

Sunday was spent relaxing, cleaning up, preparing for
 the week, and making a faux-beer-can-chicken in the roaster
 my  parents brought back from Africa last year.

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