Friday, November 16, 2012


I rarely make trips to Union Square in Somerville, as I'm not a big fan of buses and there is no nearby T, so my choices are left with walking, driving, or biking. Driving it is. I headed out to backbar before a friend's album release at the new Cafe Tango down the street. I have had backbar on my go-to list for a bit now, after it's opening in late 2011. It is the slightly-younger sister of Journeyman, a tasting-menu restaurant run by foodie-friends focusing on seasonal ingredients. backbar has recently been in the news a few times, having their bartender Sam Treadway winning Boston's best bartender award and being featured at Zagat's 30under30 event. I brought T along to this newish craft cocktail utopia with a few friends for a quick drink & snack before the evening's event.

Down the alley we the nondescript orange door. We headed in down a dark hallway hoping we were heading the right way. Our spirits were raised when we found the backbar sign, opened the door, and were greeted to a quiet & calm hideaway.


In we went, we plopped down on one of the wall-length comfy couches and admired the graffiti wall & the hand-drawn daily menus of food & drinks. (Apologies for the dark pictures, the sexy mood-lighting got me!)

I went with the union mule with Beefeater gin, apple brandy, St-Germain, citrus, ginger, and spice with a pork belly bun as a snack...but you can find more information about their menu, location, and background here.


After a tasty strong drink & a snack, we headed out to our friend's event, where I ate my weight in delicious churros (both chocolate and dolce de leche) at the newly-opened Cafe Tango. If only Union wasn't so high-maintenance and difficult to get to...**hint hint MBTA!**

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