Sunday, November 25, 2012

simple weekend recap: edition 14

This holiday week was spent in the country, filled with food & family time.

The food festivities began early with a spinach & turkey sausage pie...
 ...and then of course Thanksgiving & cinnamon buns. The day after
 Thanksgiving started with a hike with the doggies...


...before heading home past one of my favorite houses, 
to fall into bed and nap for the rest of the day.


The day-after Thanksgiving dinner was at one of my favorite places in New York, The American Hotel in Sharon Springs. I had the special haddock with
 deviled lobster, and took a special lobster chowder for lunch the next day.

After lunch, T, Erin & I headed home to reunite Erin with Moose and 
enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine by the first fire of the season...

while I made shrimp fra diavolo as a light & spicy dinner to balance 
out the heavy meals we had all week. (Recipe tomorrow)


 T leaves again tomorrow for Switzerland for the week, so I will have 
plenty of time to catch up with old friends that are visiting and 
try a few new places...before he returns with more Swiss chocolate!
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