Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving...a time to be with family, and strangely an all-North American holiday. This year's menu was gourmet: organic turkey (a 22lb frozen turkey cooked in a miraculous 3.5 hours...I'm still confused), bacon brussel sprouts (sauteed in bacon fat), maple-roasted sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing with pecans, butternut squash risotto, gravy, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce & crescent rolls. Not maaaany leftovers since it was so delicious.


After our master feast, Meim put on her turkey hat & we settled by the fire. We enjoyed caramel-pumpkin pie & chocolate pie before calling it a night.

Let's be honest...the best part of Thanksgiving is the day after, the leftovers, yes please. My go-to turkey-day sandwich is the Korotkin sammy: white bread toasted with Russian dressing (woop woop), cracked pepper, roasted turkey, leftover stuffing and cranberry sauce. Classy & delectable, hand me one of these and it will be gone with 2 minutes, done & done. This is what I look forward to every year.

These are also delicious on the leftover crescent rolls...if you have the patience to make multiple mini sandwiches!!
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