Thursday, October 25, 2012

mfa: mario testino

While T is in Switzerland, meim is over to keep me company...again. Last night we went to Bondir for dinner, and the Museum of Fine Arts to check out the new exhibit by Mario Testino: In Your Face.

The museum provides a spot-on description of Testino and his collection: "Known for the elegance, beauty, style, irreverence, and contradiction of his images, Testino gives us a career retrospective arranged in compelling visual stories". The exhibit is definitely worth checking out, especially since this is Testino's first showing in the US.

But first, we headed to Bondir. I went with the bitter cocoa rigatoni with wagyu beef and wild mushroom ragu, dragon beans, and a lemon balm ricotta...

followed by the kalamata olive basted Rhode Island monkfish with seared baby leek, baby ppinach, Peter Wilcox potatoes, oil-cured olives, giardiniera, and oregano froth...

and again ended with the huckleberry semifreddo for dessert (and one of the best hot chocolates in the world).
After a nice dinner we headed over for the main event at the MFA. Photography has always been my favorite type of artwork (with impressionist paintings being a close second), so I was excited to see the massive pieces selectively placed around the rooms. With dark lighting and sexy damask wallpaper, you almost felt naughty looking at the naked and seductive celebrity pictures looming above you.

After the exhibit, we moved throughout the MFA, before heading home.

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