Tuesday, October 23, 2012

lobsta love

The Boston food truck scene has been busy with throw-downs against NYC, but they haven't let this affect their schedules and their food quality. The closest food truck to my work is the Lobsta Love truck, one of Boston's favorites! Who could say no to this menu? With so many options and such reasonable prices, I will definitely be back. 

I headed over to the bright red truck, dreaming of the organic mac n' cheese with lobster and bisque & a slider on the side. Sadly, the mac n' cheese wasn't ready by the time I went, so I happily switched to a slider and a bowl of the lobster bisque. 


For a $6 slider with a $5 bowl of bisque, it was a very filling and satisfying lunch! The slider was as tasty as it was cute, and the bisque had large chunks of lobster with a creamy and not overly-salted base. Next time I will head over with my fingers crossed for the mac n' cheese, but will happily settled for the lobster BLT!

UPDATE: The lobster mac n' cheese is delicious, creamy, and served in a generous lunch portion!!
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