Tuesday, October 16, 2012

meeting christian louboutin

A few weeks ago when I escorted a friend to purchase her first pair of Loubies, the sales associate added us to the list for the upcoming Louboutin event at Saks. TONIGHT WAS THAT EVENT. Tonight I met Christian Louboutin, and believe you me I was super excited! I wore my Lady Lynch-es in a long line of uber-wealthy Bostonians for 2.5 hours before being able to shake my shoe-idol's hand, have him sing a little song, and walk off with my personalized new Loubies (as he only signs unworn pairs of shoes).

He sat for at least 4 hours patiently signing new shoes and bags,
 all while being genuinely nice, warm, and friendly.
post-meeting: happy as a clam

After meeting Christian Louboutin, he has solidified
 his icon-status in my mind (and closet)!
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  1. OMG just found this post - that is AMAZING! Loving the last photo of your collection (or part of it!) :D