Sunday, September 2, 2012

flatbread company

Flatbread company opened in Massachusetts in 1998 & opened their Somerville location (featuring old-school candlepin bowling in Davis Square) in 2010. Using organic, natural, and local ingredients to make tasty flatbreads with every-changing specials, a huge list of draft beers, and bowling, this may be the perfect place to unwind. Find more about their company here & hope you are lucky enough to live near one of these tasty finds in New England (...or their one location in Hawaii). If you plan to bowl on a weekend, make sure you make a reservation far in advance, as they are quite popular. Reservations are also recommended for weeknights, but are not always crucial.

We were craving just flatbreads at the time we moseyed on in, so we skipped the bowling (this time) and headed for the bar. We decided on the carne special of oven-roasted organic potatoes, all natural bacon, local corn & organic red onions.


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