Tuesday, September 18, 2012

turner fisheries

Friday night date night was spent at Turner Fisheries, a sustainable seafood restaurant near the Prudential and Copley mall. With a hopping bar scene filled with an after-work crowd, Turner had an energetic vibe. Walking down the double stairs into the restaurant, I realized I had been here once before about four years ago. I had liked it then, and I liked it now. Seafood is my favorite cuisine, and I will never be able to be with someone that dislikes seafood...it will just never work out.

I started with the Flirtini (as if that would ever be the name of a drink I would go for...but it had pineapple juice in it!) and moved on to the Jonah Crab Claws.

Although seafood in general is my favorite cuisine, I am partial to crab. I love everything about crab. Period. So I was understandably excited to order the crab claws. I cracked and dunked away into the mayo/ketchup mix until one time I cracked too hard... I knew it wasn't going well. I knew this crack was too hard to be done. But it was too late. I cracked the final crack and a chunk of shell flew towards a neighboring table. I heard a squeal and turned to face my victim. A son was taking his visiting parents out to dinner...and I had hit the father on his glasses. Thankfully for the glasses...the father was able to laugh it off. I apologized profusely and put down the cracker. The claws were done. Next was onto the safer course of the seared diver scallops with a sugarcane rum reduction, crystalized ginger, and a plantain crisp.

The scallops were prepared perfectly and melted in my mouth. The plaintain chip offered a nice textural balance and the microgreens were a nice stabilizer. Overall, a delicious meal with a nice experience to go with it. As we were paying the check, I looked over once again at my victim. I noticed he too had ordered the crab claws. He smiled and proclaimed "now I might get you back". I smiled and rushed out, for my eyes' safety.

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