Friday, September 21, 2012


Whisk is a unique pop-up comprised of 3 young-20-something chefs.  With some impressive resumés, they courageously decided to head out on their own last year.  I have been meaning to check this pop-up out for a bit now, and I finally had the time to this past weekend. They set up shop at Fazenda Coffee Roasters in Jamaica Plain for the night and dished out a 5-course meal for $55 (+$20 for wine pairings). With all of the courses being delivered in quick succession of surrounding tables, it encouraged feelings of unity and friendliness, while still having plenty of space between tables to create an intimate feeling with those whom you came with.

The first course was T's favorite...rainbow trout, ratatouille & ricotta salata.

Next was my 2nd favorite...deconstructed sweet corn lasagna, heirloom tomato jam & oak tree shiitake.

Followed by my favorite dish of the night (made obvious by the fact that I just had to dig in before any pictures could be taken)...pork belly, cornbread, pickled watermelon & grilled pluot.

The cheese course consisted of semi soft cows cheese, grilled fig & fig preserves.

The sweet ending to the evening was a delicious and complex summer pudding with spun sugar (maybe my 1.5th favorite?).

After enjoying a nice hot (and strong) cup of coffee, we headed home full & happy...and feeling as if we had stolen something; at just $55 pp, this was a deal! As you can tell from my accurate and sensitive rating system, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food that was presented in an artful way. Their next pop-up is September 28th and is benefit pop-up, find more information here.

I am also a semi-secret jam hoarder. The chefs behind Whisk have recently opened JP Jarring Company. With a list of 8 intricate jams available, you better bet I'm going to add to my collection. More information on their new project here.
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