Sunday, September 9, 2012

the painted burro

The annual Molly's Mexican Monday fell on the Painted Burro this week. The Painted Burro is a younger sibling of Posto, the popular pizzeria in Davis Square. The new Mexican restaurant and tequila bar opened to high ratings & crowded tables. I am not Mexican food's biggest fan, but I am a fan of tequila, so I gave it a shot!

The Painted Burro is a quick 5-minute walk from the Davis T stop. The rain held out for my quick walk to meet a friend for dinner. We were seated in the rustic dining area, set away from the bar. I will definitely be back for their extensive drink menu that features over 100 bottles of craft 100% agave tequila, mezcals, and rum (check it out here).

 We were greeted with an extensive menu that encourages trying different things by offering small plates. As we decided on our drinks (I had the strawberry margarita with rocks no salt or sugar) we nibbled away on the chips and salsa that were placed in front of us. As you may know, I am somewhat of a chip-connoisseur (or chip addict at times) and these were a nice break from greasy regular chips. These chips were presented vertically in a galvanized condiment pail and appeared to be half of a hard shell taco each. This was perfect for me, as my favorite part of family taco night growing up was eating cooked hard shell tacos with some shredded cheese sprinkled about.


After we had settled in with our drinks & chips, we decided on our food. I started with the Mexican shrimp cocktail of campechana, avocado, and candied grapefruit peel. Next was their new ancho & citrus chicken wings with ancho chile, orange, agave glaze, slaw, and baja mayo. 


I quickly filled up on the tasty drinks, apps, and chips, so headed home for an early Monday. I will definitely be back for their bar area and drinks that are so easily accessed from the red line.
1. Images provided on The Painted Burro's website

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