Tuesday, September 11, 2012

pete & jen's backyard birds

Last year I stumbled upon some organic free range eggs in a cute little 6-pack at a nearby farm. This year, I finally remembered to look them up to learn about where they are based. Lucky me, I found their home-base is right in Concord, MA! Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds has their products in many farm's fridges as well as their meat and eggs in restaurants in the Boston area. Learn more about the amazingly humane (and tasty) processes and products here. Once you sign up for their newsletters, you will have access to their speak-easy-like mini-store that is open 24/7.

T & I can vouch for the tasty ground beef and chicken, while Erin & Moose can vouch for the Backyard Buddies dehydrated organic frozen chicken gizzards (to which they are ADDICTED). Their slogan is "tasty tasty meat", so what are you waiting for?
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