Thursday, September 27, 2012

apple picking

Sunday, T & I went apple picking at Carver Hill Orchard to celebrate the beginning of fall, on the prettiest day of the year. We were warned that the crop was small this year due to the drought, so we headed as far back as possible and used T's height to our advantage.


I decided to give it a try, debated climbing and risking my life for a few apples, but then happened to find a fruit picker laying under a tree in the distance.

Before heading home, we stopped into the store to grab some doughnuts. Unfortunately, there was a 30-minute wait, so we decided to watch the doughnuts being made. When the nice man making the doughnuts saw us salivating at the process, he told us to run over to the counter in one minute and he would have some warm, fresh, cider doughnuts that he would time to make sure we got them. The plan worked, and we were able to head out with our toasty, heavenly, half-dozen, nice and crispy on the outside and warm & welcoming on the inside.
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