Friday, August 31, 2012

bon me pop-up picnic

Bon Me, the fresh & inventive Vietnamese food truck, hosted their 2nd pop-up picnic this week. For this picnic they partnered with West Bridge, a new French restaurant in Kendall (and soon-to-be new neighbors of Bon Me's first home in a building)! The 4-course picnic was $18 and came with a picnic blanket, to make it super romantic. My friend, Grace, and I set up camp and enjoyed the following in the Rings Fountain park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway with a thai iced tea and a spicy ginger lemonade: 

1st: pork butter crostini

2nd: bok choy slaw

3rd: a baguette chock-full of pickle
carrot & daikon, cucumbers, cilantro,
 red onion, housemade spicy mayo, 
pate, with a prepared braised tongue
 and plum mustard.

4th (my favorite course, which I could
 probably eat 5x/day for a week):
 coconut amaranth pudding


After a filling picnic spent trying to grasp the complexity & range of ingredients combined in the tastiness we were consuming, we decided to walk it out. We headed towards the North End and stumbled upon a beautiful rose garden, on one of the most perfect-weather-evenings of the summer.


After exploring, we headed straight for LuLu's cupcakes to split a carrot cake cupcake, before parting ways. It was a perfect date night on a perfect evening in Boston. Thank you Bon Me & West Bridge for sharing your culinary treats with Boston, if only for 1 night!

 1: Photo courtesy of Bon Me

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