Saturday, August 4, 2012

boston restaurants: b

The highest rated restaurant on opentable beginning with a "B" in Boston is Bergamot, in Somerville. A bit far off the beaten path, it is reachable by car. Boasting a 27/30 Zagat score, it has been on my to-go-to list for a while now. I was able to fit in a dinner here before a going away party with a friend. We headed over for an early dinner and were greeted by about 25 staff members spread throughout the restaurant with only 2 other tables seated. At first this was intimidating, but over the course of the meal, all of the tables filled up, and each staff member was bustling around being attentive, but not intrusive.


We went for the 3-course meal for a steal of a restaurant-week similar price of $39. We started with their version of Pimm's cup (one of my favorite drinks...obviously) with Pimm's, lemon, Tomr's tonic, and ginger ale. It is definitely one of my favorites I have found in the Boston area, I just wished they had incorporated fresh strawberries!

First course was the sweet corn agnolotti with shrimp, tomato, and marjoram. It was by far the highlight of the meal, I could have easily had 2 of these as my entrée. The agnolotti were little pillows of deliciousness by themselves, and when combined with the corn, shrimp, and tomato, they make a perfect combination.

Second course was the grilled arctic char with romano beans, tasso ham, roasted fingerling potatoes, and a green peppercorn beurre blanc. The course was presented cleanly and tasted as good as it looked. The highlights for me were the fingerling potatoes and the small cubes of tasso ham.

We finished with the dessert course, where I went with the "Berries and Cream" combination of raspberry sorbet with crème fraîche ice cream. It was tasty, but I wished I had gone with the chocolate sponge cake with bing cherries, chocolate peppermint ice cream, and vanilla cream after seeing my friend's delight after tasting it!

Overall, the meal was delicious and the ambiance was nice and mildly energetic. The volume was perfect, there was a quiet buzz about but we had no difficulty hearing each other (maybe due to the fact that the next youngest people in the restaurant by 8pm were 40 years old). Yes, I would go again, but the only con would be the fact that is it not easily accessible by the T.

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