Tuesday, July 31, 2012

brasstacks one-year anniversary party

Last night I went to the Brasstacks Pop-Up One-Year Anniversary Block Party at Frommagio, in Cambridge. Brasstacks is a secret supper club that hosts lottery-invite-only dinners on a bi-monthly basis around Boston. Comprised of alumni from No.9 Park, Menton & Radius, Brasstacks focuses on locally-sourced seasonal ingredients prepared in basic ways with a few twists thrown in. Upon arrival I was greeted with 2 goats on a spit and an endless supply of beer from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project & wine from Olmstead Wine Co. After receiving the beverages, I began to feast upon the cheese and charcuterie spread (no pictures...too tasty). A bunch of seasonal sides were served along with sections from the whole pig (and later parts of goats were served as well).



As chef Marc Sheehan was dividing up the goats, the dessert was beginning to be plated. After a night of savory tastiness, the dessert of boiled gingerbread & hard cider curd (with seasonal berries) was a nice change of pace! Tickets for this event sold out within hours, so fingers crossed for the facebook-lottery invite-only dinners. Unfortunately for us, their facebook is now up to 1,450 friends trying to get into one of these highly-coveted dinners! Overall, the food and ambiance was superb (and the weather was unbelievably beautiful, to boot)!

Here is a list provided by Brasstacks of all of the sides and mains served:
Whole Roasted Yorkshire Pig
Whole Roasted Kid Goats 
Green Tomato Marmalade, Spicy Plum Chutney, Mokum Carrot Relish, Bean Pot Onions
Grilled Sweet Corn with Goat Butter and Maine Sea Salt
Harvard Beets with Goat Yogurt, Anchovy and Fermented Shallots
Roasted New Potatoes with Mustard Greens, Young Garlic, and Fermented Asparagus
Grilled Radishes with Coppa, Pickled Clams, and Fines Herbes
Marinated Cucumbers, Ginger Vinegar, and Anise Hyssop
Grilled String Beans, Mushroom, Almond, and Egg Yolk
Raw Kale with Piermont, Fermented Sausage, and Pickled Currants
Maine Buckwheat with Grilled Zucchini, Smoked Peppers, and Shad Roe 
Steamed Gingerbread Hard Cider Curd, Grilled Peaches, Summer Berries
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