Monday, July 23, 2012

coffee face scrub

Next time you make some coffee, save the grounds. You'll be glad you did. This simple face scrub immediately makes your face feel SMOOTH and BEAUTIFUL!

Mix 3 tablespoons of organic moist used coffee grounds with 1 tablespoon organic extra virgin olive oil. Next mix in 1/3 teaspoon organic honey. The end. Really...just apply to your face and leave for 2 minutes before washing off with cool water. (Apply over a sink, this can get a little messy!) All you have to do is let the ingredients work for you while you sit there looking silly!

The effects really are immediate...I can't stop touching my smooth smooth face. Feel free to apply it anywhere you want glowing soft skin (elbows, legs, anywhere you want to show off all buffed up for the warm summer).

The natural effects of these ingredients are well known:
COFFEE GROUNDS: Immediately plumps the skin the make wrinkles less noticeable & acts as an exfoliator.
OLIVE OIL: Moisture moisture moisturizer.
HONEY: The radiance factor, acts as a moisture-trapper that makes skin look radiant and evenly toned.
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