Monday, July 2, 2012

the lakehouse according to erin

One of Erin's favorite places is my parent's house on the lake. The lake has a circumference of 3 miles and motors are not allowed on the water. It is quiet & relaxing and leaves Erin like this at the end of the weekend...

 Erin requested a guest blog-post and I obviously obliged.

Hi there, my name is Erin as you have already heard hundreds of time (from my overprotective mother). I am willing to show you around some of my favorite places (you're welcome). This is me on the dock...eying my favorite vessel, the canoe! Here is a view of the glorious water I love to swim about in:

I swam and swam and swam some more with my boyfriend, Kodi the poodle.

Later Dad brought me out for a nice relaxing canoe ride (my favorite)!

Let me show you some of my favorite spaces...I love flowers and pretending like I am a plant that blends in...

After a day of exploring, I retired indoors for some snuggling & napping before a big night of fireworks!

After an exhausting weekend, I slept all the way home! Woof!
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