Sunday, April 7, 2013

simple weekend recap: edition 23

Eek, looks like I haven't done a simple weekend recap in the past month! Whoa, oops! This weekend wasn't very simple, rather it was quite started off on the right foot with a delivery of the gift I bought myself for getting into school, a beautiful Smythson organizer.


Friday evening cocktails & sushi at Thelonius Monkfish in Central for some fairytale sushi...


...before a bit more gallivanting before calling it an early night in time to wake up early for a busy busy Saturday. The day started with brunch at Masa, a well-known brunch in Boston for the value of the dishes. Tasty & so reasonably priced, we loaded up on cornbread, multiple types of butter, and fiestas all around.


We headed out to the Drink Craft Beer Springfest event at the Revere Hotel. With 70+ beers from 25 New England breweries (and unlimited samples) & samples of snacks, I can actually say I found a few beers I really liked (and I am not a beer gal). Although most of the beers were hops-focused, I really liked the pale ale offered at High Horse brewery (and no, it's not just because they had the nicest cup-cleaner, the coolest logo, or a horse...but those didn't hurt). Also of note, Enlightenment Ales had a surprising champagne beer, which was unlike anything I have ever had before.


With crowds moving in, and our stomachs full of beer, we went out in search of sandwiches. We ended up at one of my favorite spots in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood, the well-known Flour bakery (more later this week).


We ended the day with my new favorite shop in all the world...the Bee's Knees Supply Company, which my friend, Kelsey, gave me a heads up about. Located right next to Flour, it is amazing. Period. I guess I'll write a bit more about it tomorrow, to show you just how perfect it is.


Sunday was uneventful, full of errands, flowers & a perfectly-prepared chicken for dinner. Now it's time to rest up for a long week ahead, and a Spring soiree next weekend.

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