Monday, April 8, 2013

bee's knees supply company

I have found the most perfect shop in the whole world. Well, to be honest, I didn't find it, my friend, Kelsey, did...but she was nice enough to share the secret. Opening only a couple of weeks ago in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood, Bee's Knees is right next to Flour bakery & a quick 7-minute walk from South Station. With lofty ceilings and the most rustic-chic design I've ever seen, I felt like I was visiting someone's perfect home.


In 5,500 square feet, this shop provides the largest cheese selection in downtown Boston, a ridiculously large collection of locally-made beers and wine, the highest quality local & international ingredients, a cafe complete with the tastiest sweets, a floral section, along with a deli. This shop really has everything I could ever want, in one spot, in the most beautiful setting. Just look at those floors! The moment you step in you can tell how much planning & creativity went into this perfected shop. You could say I'm in love...because I am.

With an on-site chocolatier, the cafe section churns out the tastiest chocolates bursting with layers of flavors along with croissants, macarons, a large tea & coffee menu (proudly serving George Howell coffee, woop woop), and ice cream!

The flowers are beautiful, and wrapped in burlap within galvanized pails...did they know I was coming? Couldn't be more perfect...

A large chunk of the store is dedicated to the wine & beer, and I'm not complainin'. With wine tastings on Fridays from 4-7pm, they will definitely attract a large crowd. At a super convenient time, in a beautiful space, and thoughtfully chosen samples, you better bet I'll be there often!

To make it even better (if possible), Bee's Knees has a full-time chef on-site creating daily entrees for easy take-away meals. With a fully-equipped open kitchen, they will offer lessons, chef demos, wine dinners, and tastings. I may have to move next door at this rate.

Did I also mention the fact that they have a CSA program for customers to have even easier access to these thoughtfully-chosen purveyors? Because they do.


One last tip, right near the door, is a basket of day-old bread...for 50% off! A huge discount for some pretty incredible bread. Obviously I had to get a $1.90 could I possibly say no to that deal? 

The perfect new addition to the Fort Point Channel neighborhood, Bee's Knees Supply Company has easily moved into my #1 slot for favorite spot in all of Boston. You better bet I'll be back for tastings & classes...and a stop in whenever I'm in the area, like Tuesday, because I miss it already! Find out more about the shop here.
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