Tuesday, April 2, 2013

cracked conch

For our last meal in Grand Cayman, we headed up to West Bay again on the northwest end, past the turtle farm, to the Cracked Conch for a lunch. With the hot Caymanian sun, we sat inside near the windows, under the breezy fans, looking out on the gorgeous blue water.


We all started with a round of the dangerously delicious house rum punch...mmmm perfect.

We shared a bunch of appetizers: the conch ceviche with tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, lime juice, avocado, and cilantro...

...the conch chowder with spicy tomato, bacon, leeks & coconut milk (which I was very excited for, but it wasn't spicy and the flavors melded a bit too much). We also split the cracked conch with pickled fennel and the best curried tartar sauce, along with some super fresh crispy calamari with cardamom marinated carrots, homemade hot sauce, and tomato mayonnaise (this was my faaaavorite).

For our main courses, I had the open faced braised short rib sandwich with baked homemade flat bread & pomegrante seeds (which was delicious but large) and T had the  chef's burger with a beef patty, brie cheese, sweet soy caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and truffle parmesan fries, which was also massive. Full of food, we headed to the jet to fly back to the Keys.


Halfway through the (short) trip, T started to let the jet get to him and he enjoyed partaking in the free snacks.


Upon our return to the Keys, the remainder of our stay was spent relaxing with the pelicans...

...and out fishing on the boat. Mind you, although this fish may look small, I caught smaller, the second is a barracuda (which gains me some credit), and for my middle school graduation I was gifted a fishing pole.

After rummikub tournaments every night, a quick ER trip for a pulled ligament, and a bunch of relaxation, we headed back home to Boston.
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  1. look at you fisherman, you! lookin good with that fishing pole...