Monday, April 1, 2013

osetra bay

For our final night's dinner in Grand Cayman we met the nicest taxi driver, Pansy, and headed up to the West Bay part of the island to Osetra Bay. With a prime location on the water, we saved this for last. The spot is filled with white only & dim mood lighting (which makes for some dim mood-lit food pictures) and cabana-like tables providing a nice element of privacy while dining. 


We started with cocktails, of course, and I went with the blood orange daiquiri which came in this cute little ice bubble, holding the cocktail inside of it.

T went with a rum punch that was filled with spices & fruit, and rum that had to be manually mixed at the table for 1 minute before pouring bit by bit to fully encorporate all of the flavors in the punch.

Next we were presented with this science-experiment-like amuse bouche plate filled with a truffle emulsion, conch fritter, gazpacho, peppered chip, and duck live pate tiramisu. All the table could say was "wow", from the presentation to the differences in the light flavors, we were all revved up for our meals.

After our palates were whet, the 3 types of butter (herb, scotch bonnet, and sumac) were delivered in a shell along with a whole bunch of choices, probably about 10 choices, of bread (best of which are the buttery little garlic knots...mmmmm). Obviously we had the bread server return to our table multiple times...

After a quick greek chopped salad for me, and a wahoo ceviche for T, our entrees arrived. I went with the Alaskan King crab with a few light ricotta tortellini, tomato, fennel, and a lemongrass foam. Oh, you can't see it? I can't either in this light, but just know that it was a nicely deconstructed dish that worked well together, a bit too much fennel for me, but I was full of the light fluffy pasta and the well-prepared chunks of crab. I had no problem finishing this.

T went with the market fish special, with large medallions of fish. The highlight of all of the dishes though...were the potato puree that was delivered in mini ball jars. Deliciously creamy, buttery, and perfect, the potato was a huge hit for everyone.


The highlight of the evening for me was the unbelievable pistachio souffle. Delivered to the table warm and steamy, ice cream is dropped into the center to stop the cooking. The souffle was so flavorful and so light, I didn't feel weighed down, but I tasted the essence of 900 pistachios. More please.

Just as we thought the meal was over, a massive platter of petit fours arrived. FIVE petit fours per person, it was difficult, but we managed....obviously.

On the way back out to meet Pansy for our ride back, we admired the different-themed lounges. With multiple lounges, I can definitely see how this could be a great place just to go to grab a drink with friends.
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