Tuesday, April 16, 2013

egg sammich

Most of my recipes are supa easy and supa quick, and this may actually be the easiest and the quickest. But truth is, it's not mine. I wish I could tell you who's it is...but I can't remember. I first read about this sammich in 2008 and anyone I made it for after that had their socks knocked off. This is a especially perfect weekend breakfast sandwich for someone you may be trying to impress.

Ingredients (per 1 open-face sammich):
1 slice of toast of choice
1 tbs ricotta cheese
1 egg, fried to your liking
1 tbs honey
sprinkle of fresh-ground pepper

1. Spread ricotta over toast. Add egg on top of ricotta.    

2. Drizzle honey over egg.

3. Top with a light sprinkling of fresh-ground pepper. (*Note: I love pepper, so you will probably want to use a little less than that shown in this picture).


Enjoy with a fork & knife...or get in there with just your hands, but bring napkins either way!
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