Sunday, May 20, 2012

the liquor store

Last night I went to the liquor store, a normal trip with nothing too out of the ordinary...until I slowed down and started to look at all of the different offerings. Have you ever slowly looked up and down all of the aisles before? There are some weird bottles there!!

 Bacon-flavored vodka? What do you mix this with??

Old-school moonshine in a ball jar? Really?

I ended up leaving with 2 bottles of 90+ cellars (which is an AMAZING company that basically un-brands wines that are ranked over 90 points and puts their own mystery brand on them for a reasonable price) and 1 bottle of white rum for mojitos with our home-grown peppermint. Mojitos are super simple to make and there are so many different recipes but I always go for the easiest low-effort recipe when it comes to cocktails: 12 mint leaves, 1 lime for juicing, 1 tsp sugar (muddle), add equal amounts of white rum and club soda (shake), garnish with mint sprig and serve!

Get ready to enjoy some chilly cocktails in the upcoming toasty summer months!
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