Friday, May 18, 2012

april showers bring may flowers and easy seasonal recipes

With the warm weather here to stay (until the rain  returns briefly), the seasonal veggies and flowers are welcome back! Warm weather means sandals, mini-dresses, flowers, smoothies, bright and healthful dinners!

Our yard is continuing to bloom, slowly but surely! And not to worry, Erin is also taking full advantage of the sun.

Wednesday night was a perfect mid-week break to have a mini-app date with a close friend. She brought the avocado and mango mixed greens with a nice vinaigrette. We also had the roasted artichokes, cause we're fancy like that. We finished up with homemade frozen yogurt and blueberry cubes!

Tonight I kicked off the warm weekend by making more of my favorite vegetable (asparagus)!! I whipped up an easy asparagus, mushroom, chicken, farfalle dish with a white wine and white truffle oil light sauce topped with parmigiano-reggiano. Easy, delicious, seasonal, and amazing as a left-over!

Now onto date-night movie-night! Enjoy your weekend!
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