Wednesday, February 27, 2013

thinking cup

The Thinking Cup Coffee Bar is anything but a secret, even though I wish it was. Recently crowded, but manageable in the evening hours, the Thinking Cup near the Commons is a relaxed non-snooty cafe with mood lighting, Stumptown coffee, and drool-worthy sandwiches & baked goods.

(My friend Grace's superior technology skills)
Push past the velvety curtain to be greeted by the baked goods that look way too perfect they must be the plastic food you played with in elementary school. Spoiler alert: they're real. And they are perfect.


With a new build-your-own grilled cheese option, the sandwich options have become almost impossible to choose from...too many tasty choices! Find more about the menus here. I ended up with my usual (iced chai) and a new sandwich, the Jittery Hen: Stumptown coffee braised chicken, house made BBQ sauce, pickles and smoked gruyere cheese on sourdough bread. The Jittery Hen is usually the Jittery Swine with pork instead of chicken (which I think I would have preferred). I loved the combination of the sandwich pickles with the shredded chicken & thinly sliced cheese but I was not a fan of the homemade BBQ sauce. I love thick saucy heavy and sweet BBQ sauce, but this was a minimalist take on the sauce. It's okay, I overlooked the minor deviation and enjoyed the whole thing!


We ended the date with one vanilla & one chocolate maccaron. They have so many flavors of these little gems...a whole caseful. Bakery perfection.

Definitely worth pushing past the local college kids to get your hands on the perfectly prepared coffee, drinks, sandwiches & baked goods. If you're not into the typical crowded cafe, give their brand spankin' new North End location on Hanover Street a try.
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  1. Molly, great post I love the Thinking Cup too. I was actually sitting next to you and your friend that night ( wearing black blazer and white t shirt) and was kicking myself for not finding the right words to ask your friend out. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw your post on yelp which led me to your blog and give me another chance to see if I could treat your friend to a coffee and maccarons. You're more than welcome to join us if she'd feel more comfortable, it might even make a good blog post. :) Just name a time that is best for both of you and I will be there. Best Wishes Joe

    1. well, Joe, today is your lucky day. The striking miss Grace agrees to meet you-- shoot me an e-mail at and I can send you her e-mail for you to further arrange. Lucky lucky lucky.