Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ski weekend

This weekend we headed up to Stowe, Vermont for a ski weekend...turns out we picked the perfect weekend, with over a foot of freshly fallen snow to shred. Up we went, into the foggy snowy wonderland.

We got in late Friday evening and dove head-first into possibly the best winter cocktail I've ever had...a fall/winter version of Pimm's cup that tastes just like apple pie! All you need is equal amounts of Pimm's, brandy, and apple juice stirred with a cinnamon stick and an added handful of sliced apples & oranges. It's a deadly apple pie cocktail perfect for the winter!

In the morning we woke up early ready to ski. (Note: Yes, this picture is a joke)

After a long day of skiing we headed out for Mexican at the Cactus Cafe. I went with the shredded pork tacos with a plate full of beans & rice. The pork tacos had a tasty jicama slaw, but unfortunately the pork was overcooked and dried out. I don't even like beans or Mexican food for the most part, and I actually loved the beans & rice.

Sunday morning we woke up even earlier and headed over to my favorite coffee shop & bakery in Stowe, the Black Cap Coffee Cafe. Featuring lovingly-crafted drinks, tasty baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches, the Black Cap Coffee Cafe is a must-stop for me every single time.

After a long morning of skiing, we finally gave in to the strong waffley wafts that greeted us at the top of the gondola....the waffle cabin. Serving sugar waffles with chocolate sauce, you can squeeze these amazing little gems in one hand and scarf it down before hitting the slopes again, refueled and re-energized. Also of note...they cater. Yup, waffle catering. P.S. my birthday's in November.

We headed back out and skied until the fog rolled in before heading to the best sandwich shop in Stowe: the Green Goddess Cafe. Using high-quality ingredients with inventive little twists and surprising combinations, the Green Goddess Cafe is extremely impressive. Find more about them here.
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  1. Thanks so much for the review Molly :)
    xo Athena, Owner, Green Goddess Cafe

    1. Thank you for doing such an incredible job! I am in love with your place and will definitely make it a point to stop in every time I am in Stowe!

    2. Say Hi to Tim or I or any of the girls when you're in. We read everything and love it all and so appreciate anyone who takes the time to support local businesses xoxox