Monday, February 18, 2013

oishii too

I just found the hands-down best sushi in the metrowest area and I am excited! Finally, an amazingly fresh & creative sushi bar within 20 minutes of me! To be honest, this has just slid into my #2 spot for favorite sushi in Boston,behind only o ya (but much much more reasonably priced). Oishii has 3 locations, one in the South End, one in Chestnut Hill, and finally one in Sudbury. Opening Oishii in 1998, Kung San expanded to Sudbury with Oishii Too in 2000. Beautiful artfully-presented pieces of sushi come straight from the bar to your plate, bursting with fresh clean flavors, all while not shaking your wallet with worry. Find more information here.

We headed over Saturday evening after a long day of shopping (without a reservation), and were able to snag the remaining 4 bar seats before the bar got quite busy. The place is small & cozy, with about 10 seats at the bar and 30-35 spots at the few tables.


We looked over the extensive menu & the specials board for a while before deciding on a wide range of appetizers & rolls.

Meim started with the lobster tempura, large chunks of buttery lobster lightly tempura-ed along with homemade potato chips & a creamy horseradish garnish. Delicious, but a bit difficult to eat with the large pieces, this appetizer was quite filling.

After enjoying steamed shumai, the heavy hitters arrived. On the outside of the picture below are the two Route 66 maki, with salmon tempura, snow crab, cream cheese, avocado & spicy mayo deep-fried and drizzled with sweet sauce (delicious). Lined on the inside of these two rolls were the Tekka maki (tuna), California roll, and Unagi maki (eel).

Next was the special roll I ordered, which is my favorite everywhere I go, and absolutely amazing here: Snow Mountain. Shrimp tempura wrapped with avocado and topped with real crabmeat and loads of tempura flakes. 

T ordered a special of spicy tuna with avocado, topped with roe & mango. This turned out to be one of his favorites, but other tasters begged to differ, stating the textures were a bit too mushy and the roll needed a bit of a crunch.

The final roll was the roll I forced T to order, as I didn't want to commit to it completely, but still wanted to try it! Thank the goodness, because this actually turned out to be my favorite roll of the night. Flavorful & light, it was the perfect roll to end with. The Matsuzaka Maki is a combination of crispy shrimp tempura & bonito flake maki covered with torched yellowtail & drizzled with plum sauce...also known as sushi perfection.

Much too full for dessert, we got the check and were pleasantly surprised to see the total was $160 for 4 dinner-portions including 3 drinks. So reasonably priced for a sushi dinner! With our stomachs smiling with fresh clean sushi, our wallets smiling with the amazing value we just received, and our mouths smiling from the super friendly service we received, we headed home...smiling! I am quite excited to have found this gem, so close to home, without having to head into the city to find fresh, quality, interesting sushi!

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  1. stop this sushi looks to die for