Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Lineage is a highly-rated local-seafood & New England focused restaurant in Coolidge Corner. Created by Jeremy and Lisa Sewall, the casual & classy restaurant is surrounded with calming neutral colors and filled with innovative twists on local flavors. The Sewall lineage has been involved in Boston since its incorporation in 1705, and remains involved in the fishing industry to this day, leading to unbelievably fresh seafood creations. T & I have had this on our go-to list ever since August when we were able to enjoy the culinary creations of Lineage's Chef de Cuisine, Richard Morin, at the Whim's Series (more here). 


T started with the baby arugula salad with shaved fennel, roasted beets, local blue cheese, and a sweet garlic vinaigrette.

For an appetizer I managed to snag the last order of spicy lobster tacos! Their signature appetizer comprised of a mini salty hard taco shell, with chunks of lobster, diced red pepper, onion, a tasty avocado mousse, and a mango salsa. The dish wasn't very spicy, the only bit of mild spice came from the red pepper, but it was probably for the best. The combination of different textures & tastes was perfectly balanced.

T went with the flaky Roasted George’s Bank Monkfish with cannellini beans, small bits of house made bacon, preserved lemon, and fennel in a light buttery cream sauce. In addition to being beautifully presented, the dish was also just as tasty.

With my love of scallops (and mushrooms), I had to order the seared Scituate diver scallops with perfectly roasted mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, spinach, and a black truffle mushroom purée. Four perfectly caramelized fluffy soft scallops sitting on top of wilted spinach with the most perfectly prepared mushrooms I have ever had. I have always loved mushrooms for as long as I can remember, and these were the best mushrooms I have always had. I wish they just had sides of mushrooms that I could order, because I would order them every single time. To say the least, I was obviously a fan of this dish as a whole. 

Lineage provides reasonably priced, local, seasonable seafood with a focus on simple clean preparation in a casual & calming setting; definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in the Boston area.
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  1. ok creepy, the first time I went to Lineage, I also ordered the lobster tacos and scallops entree....but I do love both items, so yummy!