Friday, April 6, 2012

restaurant week and easter

Back to the Northeast and back to eating, drinking, and decorating.  Unfortunately I was only able to take advantage of the Boston Winter Restaurant Week for one dinner. Fortunately, it was at one of my favorite places that serve the best range of cocktails that I have found in this city, Marliave.

You can find their extensive cocktail menu here.

I started with the escargot with garlic, shallots, butter, parsley, cognac, parmesan, and toasted bread served in a Staub escargot dish that was gorgeous and super functional:

This was the highlight of the meal (other than the delicious cocktails of course!) but I continued with the chicken and ended with the cheese assortment. The cheese was delicious and the perfect size for an after-meal nibble. The chicken was mediocre, but I am a very harsh chicken-judge after being raised with 1,726 different preparations of chicken for every meal of the week by my mother. Some believe ordering chicken while at a restaurant is a waste, but on the other hand, I believe in order for a chicken dish to make it on the menu at a nice restaurant, there must be a reason...somehow these chefs must have jazzed up the chicken in order for it to make one of the coveted 4-7 entree spots.

On the home-front my newest additions are my meyer lemon, key lime, and olive trees along with my white rose wreath!

 I'm in love with them and am already eye-ing the newly-listed herbs and trees in the new Agrarian section of Williams-Sonoma.

In other news, my mother has always been enthused about every holiday that ever comes around; her favorites include Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter. Mostly she loves any holiday that has their own soap or boxer collection.  Every year at summer camp, college, or even after school, I receive an overly-stuffed care-package chock full of goodies and embarrassingly covered in holiday stickers. Yesterday this bad-boy arrived on our porch:

I disposed of the bunny-covered box, and apologize for the poor-quality photograph I was just too excited. The big-hitters include the soap in the chicken container, bunny sour patch kids, bubble gum eggs, socks, a bunny dog-toy for Erin, a bunny cat-nip toy for Moosey, Lindt carrots, chocolate covered Jelly Bellys (which are odd and the verdict is still out on these...), and of course the rabbit stuffed-animal. Happy Easter!

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