Tuesday, April 10, 2012

spring distractions

Recently I've been distracted by many many things:

1. My best friend's new blog following her incredible journey through the Culinary Institute of America.

2. My new nail color for spring:
3. Zumba...which is addicting and hilarious at the same time. I recommend just trying one and see if you're not hooked!

4. Online-shopping (what else is new)...especially excited for one of my recent springtime purchases: my new glass beverage jar! Super excited to whip up some sangria, infused vodka, or rose lemonade to brew overnight and be perfectly mixed for a warm spring day!

From surlatable.com
5. The biggest-deal-of-the-moment...figuring out the perfect 5-year anniversary gift for T. I know eventually I will be able to think of something, but for now it's weighing on me pretttttty hard. 

6. My mother is visiting within the next few weeks for dinner at our favorite nearby restaurant, 80 Thoreau and a tour of the Louisa May Alcott house, author of our favorite book together, Little Women.

7. And finally: yesterday was Erin's 4th birthday! She celebrated with a frozen yogurt and a mini ham and cheese puff pastry. 4 years old and already rolling in style. 


 Happy birthday+1 day you big 28-year-old!

A final reason that I am excited for spring is the fact that the antique shops will have their doors open for the warm breezes that are sure to come soon!

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