Tuesday, April 10, 2012

boston restaurants 1-Z

I have also decided to attempt my plan that I have been trying to put in place for the last 2 years.  My goal is to try to best restaurants in Boston...in alphabetical order. I knew there were many talented restauranteurs in Boston, but I had no idea that 800+ restaurants were listed on opentable.com for this area. My plan is simple: Begin with numbers, followed by A and continue all the way to Z. Choosing will be easy, I plan to choose the highest-rated restaurant of the letter and blindly go there, no researching the menu, only the dress-code. I understand that this will create some overlap for places I have already been, but if I have already been there there must have been a reason anyways! Unfortunately there are no restaurants beginning with Q, X, or Y (surprisingly) in the Boston area, so those will have to be skipped! First on the list is one of my favorites where I was already planning to go in a few weekends anyways! 80 Thoreau. Let the plan begin!

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