Saturday, April 21, 2012

thursday culinary hop

Thursday was filled with celebrations and food...too much food!

House-made chips with bacon and onions at West End Johnnie's
Pulled pork sliders at Underbones
Fuzzy vision after eating too many chips and pork sliders
 After initial drinks and apps with co-workers for the work celebration, a few of us continued the culinary tour at Redbones' younger child Underbones. Underbones is the same menu and drinks but underground and looks more like a frat basement than a restaurant. We ordered chicken and pork sliders (not listed on the menu) with coleslaw on mini kaiser buns with their house margaritas. Unfortunately only nonalcoholic drinks of iced tea and lemonade were served in ball jars...I was jealous so now I have planned a summer get-together with ball jars with tasty drinks and close friends.

Now it's onto a healthy eating detox of all of the pulled pork and chips! Starting the day off right with a mushroom and baby spinach omelette.

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