Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mugs and crafts

T left for DC on Sunday, so I've been alone to do what I please...which has pretty much been to bum around and watch some terrible TV without being judged for it. Some fresh strawberries and asparagus from the farm down the street are good distractions for the time being.

To settle into the house for another night alone (sniff sniff) I made a cup of sleepytime tea to relax by myself. As I was making my tea I decided I should let you in on one of my secret borderline-hoarding items...mugs. I love everything about mugs, the sizes, the shapes, the colors, the creativity, the warmth transfer...I could go on and on. Unfortunately T tries to stifle my love for mugs and whenever I see a pretty mug in a store I am abruptly met with an ultimatum: buy one throw two away. I'm sorry but in what world is this a fair deal?


I have also been preparing some upcoming DIY mini-projects to keep me busy next time he leaves again...


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