Monday, June 18, 2012

erin's dog park day

One of Erin's favorite places on earth is the dog park. The only child that Erin is, she sits back and watches others play while wading solely in the water, happy with just a tennis ball dropping and splashing water into her face. Even though she just observes 80% of the time, she loves it. "Dog park" isn't even allowed to be uttered in our house, unless it's in the immediate future. 

After Erin got to enjoy her favorite place in the world...I got to enjoy my favorite food in the world! King crab legs!

To wrap up the laid-back weekend, I snipped some lavender (one of my favorite scents) for my antique alabaster vase I found last year.

It's always nice to bring some nature full of color and relaxing scents into the house! Hopefully these last more than a few days...before Moose attacks them.
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