Monday, May 6, 2013

simple weekend recap: edition 25

Friday I found the best bar in all of Boston...yes, it's true, my new go-to with $5 flatbreads and the best cocktails in the world, with refreshing twists, non-sugary juices, and wild bitters tossed in, First Printer in Harvard Square is a quick skip from the T but worlds-away from the scene outside with the high ceilings and huge windows. Guaranteed to see a mixed crowd, the people-watching is fantastic and the drinks are unreal...every single one of them!

Saturday was the Bacon & Beer festival, with money going towards Lovin' Spoonfuls, one of my favorite charities in the area that does some amazing hands-on giving multiple times a day. If you follow their twitter, you can see just how much they really are giving, and it's quite inspiring. The three best bacon dishes in my opinion was the bacon & chocolate custard by Trina's Starlight Lounge...

...the delicious perfection of 80 Thoreau...and a fantastic smoked piece of bacon 
served in a dulce de leche sauce from (cough cough, I forget)...mmmmm.

After our fill of local beers & plates on plates on plates of bacon, we met up with friends for a lighter dinner out at Union Bar and Grille. We headed in with our casual expectations, but surprise! Turns out it's not that casual, and we forgot our $80k cards at home...well now we'll know to bring them for next time, eh?

Although we were a bit thrown off by the seriousness of the atmosphere, we were just there for some tasty cocktails (aloe cocktail, yes please) and quality food (which we found in the deliciously peppery salmon).


We strolled through the South End by the beautiful row houses to the Beehive, with the best chandelier selection in the city and some consistently tasty bee-drinks (be warned, the tequila drinks are quite strong in the tequila-taste, recommended to stick with other choices!).
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