Wednesday, March 27, 2013

welcome to grand cayman

Last week we headed out for the week to the Florida Keys and Grand Cayman for the weekend to relax in the warm weather. We left a snowy northeast for the white sand beaches.

The morning after we landed in Florida we jetted out to Grand Cayman. After a quick one-hour flight over Cuba and the prettiest blue water we landed and immediately set up shop on the beach.

After a day of beaching, we cleaned up for a nice first meal at Luca. An Italian restaurant located in the Caribbean Club, serving massive portions of fresh seafood along with well-prepared meats and homemade pastas, it was a nice choice for the first night. You can find more information on Luca here. The only drawback ambiance-wise was the close proximity of the tables, with loads of full tables, the buzz of the restaurant was more of a roar at times.

T started with the spicy yellow fin tuna tartare and avocado, fennel salad, and a soured tomato coulis. A perfect start to the island weekend.


I started with the largest salad I have ever been served, an arugula salad with poached beets, local tomatoes, goat cheese, spicy pecans, lemon and olive oil dressing.

T went with the special duck with roasted cabbage, mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus and a spattering of jus. All I kept hearing was "you have to try this...and this...and this and this".

On the other hand I decided to get the most seafood-y dish offered, taking advantage of the location, and went with the whole wheat linguine, crab meat, rock shrimps, calamari and scallops, in a garlic white wine sauce. Served as a massive hill I was super excited when it arrived, and let so far down when I tasted it. 

With little sauce, and small seafood bits scattered everywhere overpowering any taste the pasta may have had on its own, I was a bit sad. I may have been somewhat settled with it if I hadn't tasted all of the other amazing dishes that were served at my table that night. Of note, the lobster ravioli served with a creamy lobster bisque, arugula, and a touch of cherry tomato was outstandingly rich and delicious...and I had a bad case of food envy. 

To make up for dinner we just had to order dessert. We played it safe and went with the warm chocolate molten with marinated oranges. Fluffy and decadent, the warm chocolate molten washed away my recent memories of my underwhelming entree. 

We enjoyed a small glass of limencello-vodka slushy and petit fours before waving goodbye and heading back to our hotel along the beach by moonlight, dipping our toes in the warm Caribbean sea.
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