Sunday, March 3, 2013

simple weekend recap: edition 22

The weekend started early with a Young Professionals night hosted by the Animal Rescue League of Boston and Masa. The evening started with a tour of the shelter, which opened in 1899 under the main philosophy that "Kindness Uplifts the World".  Each animal has plenty of space and there is also a 27-acre shelter in Dedham! With ample play time and care provided by the attached Boston Veterinary Care free of charge, these animals are all treated with kindness & love before finding their forever homes. Find more information on this amazing group here. It took a lot for me not to try to walk out with one beautiful 9-month old pit bull mix with a tail that never stopped wagging!

After the tour, the group moved to Masa for some sangria and tapas.

Saturday we went out for some celebrations, starting at Drink for snacks & cocktails.

Next we hit some tourist spots outside of the Children's museum...

...and made our way to Trade for a late dinner.

Their appetizers are alright, their cocktails are better, and their flatbreads are the best.

We wrapped up the night in Brookline with a few more stops before calling it a late night. In the morning I whipped up some homemade crepes with bananas, sugar-cinnamon, and syrup (recipe for crepes tomorrow).

Sunday night dinner I made the first dinner I can remember ever making by myself: onion-cornflake crusted baked chicken (recipe Wednesday!).

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