Wednesday, March 28, 2012

key west

As my mild-tan begins to fade, I can enjoy looking through pictures from my adventures last week. The week was filled with two of my favorite places in the keys: Key West and Little Palm Island!

The day in Key West (sadly not long enough) was focused on my favorite topic in the world: food. In particular, this trip was for key lime pie and smoothies. We were there to EAT and eat we would! First stop: Blue Heaven.


 My family stumbled upon Blue Heaven many years ago and were immediately obsessed with their unbelievable key lime pie with the tower of meringue. The food and tropical cocktails are also delicious but that day I was more focused on the roosters wandering around and the key lime pie.

After a lunch, piece of pie, and a quick cocktail (or 2!) we wandered up and down Duval Street. 

The day ended with my favorite bakery: Cafe Moka. For years I have searched for the best iced chai...and I have found Cafe Moka. My history with iced chai is long and this search has been tedious but finally fruitful! There was no way I was leaving this cafe without finding out the brand of concentrate they used. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my favorite chai concentrate in the whole world:

  Big Train Spiced Chai mix...the easiest and tastiest chai I have ever made. Nom nom nom.

Tomorrow I am taking advantage of the Boston Winter (?) Restaurant Week for dinner and cocktailS but soon I will write about my favorite restaurant Little Palm Island.
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  1. That meringue looks out of this world! I also had a chai the other day and it made me miss you!