Tuesday, March 27, 2012

florida keys

Yesterday was the end of my week-long vacation in one of the most naturally-beautiful and relaxing places in the world: the Florida Keys.

Luckily enough, I have family that calls this place home for most of the year. I try to make it down this view every March, if possible...a week full of warmth, beauty, relaxation, and delicious food, what else do you need?!

The morning was spent wading in the water at Bahia Honda Beach...

And strolling around the beach grounds...

After a morning of walking around in the warm wind, we returned to my family's house to cool off by the pool but I was greeted by a new friend...

An egret casually walking around like he owned the place!
After a quick dip in the pool we took a bike ride to the nearby grocery store for some obvious essentials: Dove Bars, Presidente beer, and baked tostitos. Could this vacation get any more perfect?

The following days were spent exploring the rest of the Keys including my favorite restaurant on Little Palm Island, and visiting the best key lime pie in Florida at Blue Heaven...but for now I will just stay in the moment of the evening pictures...I can still feel the calm and quiet of a vacation!
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