Monday, June 17, 2013

the herb lyceum

Friday evening we visited the Gilson's Herb Lyceum in Groton for a relaxing evening.  Arriving with our own wine selections at 7:15pm, we enjoyed a nice glass of wine under the sweeping branches of the hickory tree while basking in the beautiful weather.

With dinners offered on only Friday & Saturday, reservations are required for the 6 course meal that began at 7:45pm. Within the large barn sit 2 medium tables and 1 long table where strangers meet for great food, good foodie conversation & a memorable experience. With all locally-sourced ingredients (mostly from on-site when possible) and thoughtfully crafted dishes, this experience is a real steal at only $60 per person, despite the fact that the whole experience lasted 3.5 hours. 

We started with a delicious succotash...

followed by grilled proscuitto wrapped asparagus, farm egg, tallegio and thyme mornay. This may have been T's favorite, it was one of mine mostly due to the mornay sauce mmmm.

Third was the chilled sugar snap pea and mint soup with tomato concasse, chili oil and creme fraiche. Another of T's favorites, this was a bit too cucumber-y for me, but was still deliciously light and refreshing, and the hint of chili oil was a perfect contrast.

Our main dish was the best of all, perfectly sized herb rubbed hanger steak with pommes duchesse, baby carrots, and a sauce choron. Unbelievably delicious and tender.  The potatoes were T & my favorite bit, they were pretty much twice-baked mashed potatoes piped out into the pretty shape. Everything was perfect with this dish.

Our cheese course was a blue perfectly paired with a few slices of green onion & a house tomato.

We finished with a strawberry gelato, short cake cookie, fresh cream, and some crumbles that tasted just like gingerbread, but turned out to be lavender cookie crumble.

As the night dwindled and the stars came up, we headed home full, happy, and looking into the menu for July. With dinners being offered Fridays and Saturdays year-round, with a monthly-changing menu, we are definitely looking forward to trying another evening, and bringing along some friends to share in the experience.
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