Sunday, June 16, 2013

simple weekend recap: edition 28

The weekend began early with the first tiny strawberry of our garden...

...followed by my first shot of a a tortilla espanola (after being inspired by Toro's), which I can write more about this week.

Friday night T, a friend & I tried out a new experience (to us) in Groton at the Gilson's Herb Lyceum (write-up tomorrow)...

...and Saturday T & I continued our Gilson family support by trying Puritan & Company (finally), and being amazed by the fact that after one quick try this new hot spot has shot to our top two favorite restaurants (more Wednesday).

Sunday (happy father's day!) T & I tried our hands at Pasta making with the ladies of Nella Pasta at a Formaggio Kitchen class...

 ...which turns out is easier than I thought and was delicious!


We even walked away with leftovers for lunch and two more dough balls for tomorrow night's dinner at home!

Sunday night dinner was a quick onion-cornflake chicken (one of our favorites) with a wild rice pilaf & a quick sautee of brussel sprouts and pancetta before the premiere of True Blood with a large cup of tea to prepare for the week ahead!

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