Saturday, November 16, 2013

finale in alaska

Yes, I'm alive! I started grad school back in September, which  TURNS OUT is extremely time-intensive and loads of work!

Where were we...let's finish up with Alaska, eh?

We went horseback riding!


And fishing for salmon! I caught a massive rainbow trout...

and my dad caught a large salmon...which we cooked over a simple grill with salt & pepper immediately. Now salmon is ruined forever, since this was the most deliciously fresh piece of fish in the world.  Now all previously frozen salmon tastes fishy.

On our way back to the hotel we saw a moose cross the street like a deer...turns out they're massive and a bit odd looking.

Next day, Travis practiced for our iditarod ride...

...before we took a helicopter up to a glacier to meet the cutest iditarod pups.  The dogs that run the iditarod stay on this glacier and are trained year-round to stay in shape and stay athletic while people fly up and visit them...lucky us little baby pups had just been born weeks before!

We drove back up to Anchorage and headed home on a pretty evening, fly all through the night, and arrive mid-day the next day.  After two weeks in such an adventurous place, it was nice to be back to the continental U.S.!

I promise to TRY to be better! No promises, as I still have a few weeks left of classes/tons and tons of papers, but I have lots lined up and lots to share! Apologies again for the super-delay in posts!!
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