Monday, September 2, 2013

anchorage: kincaid grill

The one night we were in Anchorage, we stopped in at the Kincaid Grill. We pulled up to the restaurant and looked at each other a bit hesitant...we had arrived, but it was a corner spot with a large purple sign in a strip mall-looking environment. Ehh? Were we in the wrong place? Nope. We were correct, so in we headed...and thank goodness we did. With a clean crisp interior, the atmosphere inside was completely unexpected from the outside.

T started with the pork belly with pickled cabbage, topped with polenta croquettes, and a pinot reduction scattered with scallions. Delicious and perfectly balanced with a range of textures, this was T's favorite dish of the night.

My father started with the half shell oysters which were served with an innovative citrus tobasco granita providing even more chilliness and zing to the dish; along with the overwhelming freshness, this dish was also a winner.

T went with the salmon special for his meal...which I wish I could remember anything about, but unfortunately...I can't, not gonna lie!  All I do remember is the fact that T couldn't stop thinking about the pork belly dish.

My mother and I both had the obvious choice and the best I've ever had: the steamed king crab with drawn butter, lemon, and asparagus. I had high hopes, I mean we were in Alaska for goodness sake! But even with my high hopes, I was not prepared for the deliciousness of this dish. I have never experienced such fresh, tender, sweet, and altogether absolute perfect crab dish, and this dish will be in my mind forever!

My father, a fellow crab-lover, didn't even lift his head to try more than a bite of ours as he was too invested in his own dish, which he again claimed was the best of the night: the cioppino with crab merus, shrimp, scallops and fin fish in a light tomato fume. A large enough portion for 2 or 3, he made a large dent due to the deliciousness but was ultimately defeated.

Overall, head to Kincaid Grill in Anchorage if you are looking for the freshest of the freshest local seafood perfectly lightly prepared to let the ingredients shine.
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  1. Found this blog due to your brussel sprout with corn recipe on Pinterest. I live in Anchorage AK and have so enjoyed reading your AK trip information. Kincaid Grill is on one of the BEST and certainly a superior favorite in Alaska. So glad you loved it. You're a fun foodie.