Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the times they are a-changin'

Let's be honest, "The Battle Between Fashion & Domestication" was a super title, and rhymed which is awesome, but was more than a mouthful! To make it easier for everyone I shortened the title to two things I loved when I was little (and continue to love to this day): parsley and polka dots.

PARSLEY: When I was little, no one explained to me the fact that parsley was mostly used as a garnish. At large family gatherings I would collect the parsley off of every single person's plate, pile all of the bits on the plate, and go to town nibbling away. Some would giggle, some would give me an endearing smile, and I was just confused about why I was getting this extra attention, can't they see I'm eating here? Finally, someone must have spilled the beans to me, because one day I stopped snacking on parsley. 

POLKA DOTS: Another young-love of mine was polka dots. Raised by a mother that idolized Betsey Johnson's zany style, I grew up in polka dotted-leggings, fancy dresses, glitter shoes, and cowboy boots. Throughout the years she has continued to try to push some polka dotted-articles of clothing on me, I went through my fair share of white heels with rainbow polka dots, polka-dotted hair-bows, jewelry, and just about every other accessory, but have learned that polka dots have their place and their time.

It's the little things in life or the garnish, like parsley and polka dots, that add a little flair to the ordinary.
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